A Mass Shooting Survivor’s Thoughts on PROACTIVE BLUEPRINT

I think it’s easy for all of us to get wrapped up in thoughts of “forever” or the thought that “there’s always next time”. But, I know from experience that there isn’t always next time. We live lives very accustomed to tragedies on every screen, every newspaper, and mumbling through each radio report. Its becoming the norm to hear the reports of drug deals in our church parking lot, gang violence a block from our old elementary school, and yet another shooting, stabbing, or violent attack in almost every location we once thought “it could never happen”. I can’t remember the last time that I felt safe anywhere, even in my own home. Because I am someone constantly considering personal safety, it was an easy decision to get behind PROACTIVE BLUEPRINT. I’m confident in saying that PROACTIVE BLUEPRINT can help anyone within a Saber Security Proactive Blueprinted building feel and be safer in the event that tragedy strikes. I know from experience that with a mass shooting comes crisis and chaos. Seconds are speeding by, yet each one means more than the last and a victim will forever remember every second as if its playing on a loop within their mind.

When I was 23, I was involved in a mass shooting in Murrysville, Pennsylvania. My mom lost her life that night and I fought to keep mine. Having endured this changed my entire outlook on life. It helped me understand just how important it is to let people know how much you love them. There isn’t always tomorrow to rely upon. It was in the moments during the shooting that I learned there isn’t always time for a quick enough reaction. Many people believe that if they’re involved in a shooting, there will be time to draw their gun and squeeze the trigger, deeming them a hero. I promise that isn’t how it usually works. My entire life changed in three SECONDS. I lost my mom in two SECONDS, and found myself on the ground coughing up blood one SECOND later. Rarely is there ever time to grab your gun or react in any other way after the first rounds are already being fired.

It’s easy to think we are prepared for a tragedy and know exactly what we’d do, but are you really that prepared? Maybe you said “Yes”. But, I must ask if you are willing to bet your life on that. Better yet, what about the lives of others? Intruder Drills, Alarm Systems, and Evacuation Plans can only do so much. PROACTIVE BLUEPRINT’s ability to reveal all of the most vital details of a building and its surroundings, including helicopter landing zones and close-ups of every entry point makes me truly believe that this product is the perfect addition to all those security systems. I love that you can give your PROACTIVE BLUEPRINT to your existing security team as well as your local Emergency Management agencies. I’m not here to make a sale. This is coming from someone who was involved in a random act of violence, and I truly believe PROACTIVE BLUEPRINT could’ve changed things for me.

I laid on the ground that night while paramedics did their best to keep me alive and comfortable for at least 45 minutes. The hospital wasn’t sure if there was room for a helicopter and couldn’t decide on a safe place to land. PROACTIVE BLUEPRINT would’ve had those questions answered ahead of time, BEFORE I was forced to face the fight of my life and for my life. With PROACTIVE BLUEPRINT, the planning is done. Had the business who’s parking lot I was shot in had a PROACTIVE BLUEPRINT, determining the best helicopter landing zone would’ve already been handled, complete with overhead imagery. With PROACTIVE BLUEPRINT, Emergency Management teams are handed the information answering the most efficient way of breaching a building in order to escort people to safety and possibly help stop the assailant.

I think about the night I was shot every day. Since being a part of the PROACTIVE BLUEPRINT team, I daydream about how it could benefit every location I enter. Because everywhere I go, I’m on the lookout for the next possible bad guy and my possible escape route. I find myself avoiding any situation where a stranger seems on edge or frustrated. I find myself thinking that if PROACTIVE BLUEPRINT was utilized in more places, I could be reassured that rescue teams would know exactly what entrance to use to come to victims’ aide in an emergency, that they could know the quickest way to the scene, without trying other entry points unsuccessfully. And within all of this is time. Precious time. Forever is thrown around loosely because we think there is a nearly unlimited supply of moments to be had. I’ve come to know that a single second can be as precious as life itself. So, why do I love Proactive Blueprint? Because it has the potential to save the very second that can save a life. I wear my scars proudly, like the battle wounds that they are. But right now, I’m also really proud that I can tell you about a product that completely changes the face of Emergency Planning and can perhaps save someone from the level of physical and emotional pain that I know one coward with a loaded gun can quickly cause. Our victory lies in our ability to take advantage of planning tools like PROACTIVE BLUEPRINT and to tell those we love that we are grateful for each second, because each second truly matters.