A Mass Shooting Survivor’s Thoughts on PROACTIVE BLUEPRINT

I think it’s easy for all of us to get wrapped up in thoughts of “forever” or the thought that “there’s always next time”. But, I know from experience that there isn’t always next time. We live lives very accustomed to tragedies on every screen, every newspaper, and mumbling through each radio report. Its becoming the norm to hear the reports of drug deals in our church parking lot, gang violence a block from our old elementary school, and yet another shooting, stabbing, or violent attack in almost every location we once thought “it could never happen”. I can’t remember the last time that I felt safe anywhere, even in my own home. Because I am someone constantly considering personal safety, it was an easy decision to get behind PROACTIVE BLUEPRINT. I’m confident in saying that PROACTIVE BLUEPRINT can help anyone within a Saber Security Proactive Blueprinted building feel and be safer in the event that tragedy strikes. I know from experience that with a mass shooting comes crisis and chaos. Seconds are speeding by, yet each one means more than the last and a victim will forever remember every second as if its playing on a loop within their mind.

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