Chemical spill in Alabama – Example for a safe use of PROACTIVE BLUEPRINT

Chemical spill at Alabama water treatment plant sends 54 to hospitals

During a recent HAZMAT emergency in Alabama, PROACTIVE BLUEPRINT could have been used to quickly and effectively plan from a safe distance.  Crisis Coordinators could have examined the contaminated area using the virtual tour feature and Aerial Reference Guide (ARG), therefore quickly implementing a HAZMAT response plan from a safe distance away from the contaminated site.


Toxic gas at a water treatment plant in Alabama sent dozens of people to the hospital Wednesday morning.

A chemical spill caused sodium hypochlorite to mix with ferric sulfate at a Birmingham Water Works treatment plant near Highway 280, reported. Both chemicals are used to treat water separately. When combined, they create a toxic gas.

Fourteen workers complained of respiratory issues after the spill and were taken to the hospital. Another 40 were taken to the hospital as a precaution.

FOX News