He’s the first to say “YES” to defense.  He fought upon enough sweaty deserts and planned his share of special operations missions “across the pond” not to recognize our nation’s need for a strong defense.  He also worked with some pretty incredible defense weaponry as well as every gadget-lover’s mecca of offensive planning tools.  His time spent on OCONUS military missions as well as CONUS anti-terrorism efforts taught him what it takes to be successful.  When you get down to it, a balance between strong defense and smart offense wins every time.  Too often in today’s society, law enforcement agencies are forced into a high risk incidents and have to react in a defensive manner to that incident, rather than having offensive tools already in place.  So he began to develop his business plans for Saber Security Solutions, which would initially offer a healthy mix of surveillance and counter-surveillance training.  

Following his military assignments, he moved into law enforcement surveillance and was in a position to work more often with state and local law enforcement, crisis management task forces, and SWAT.  What he saw there was simple, not all teams are operating with adequate resources.  He realized how spoiled he was with the high end gear and assets provided to him for both offensive and defensive situations.  What he realized is that many teams are forced, through no fault of their own, to operate with an out-of-balance playbook.  They were reacting to incidents defensively.  Ideas for implementing a tool that would enhance offensive capabilities began to take shape.  As he was engrossed in surveillance detail at work, he also began writing up plans for what would become Saber Security Solutions. The needs of teams that citizens more regularly see, the teams of crisis management workers and first responders who are on shoe-string budgets working “front line” jobs became suddenly clear. 

Then he finally took the plunge, moved back to Savannah, GA and hammered out his vision for Saber Security Solutions. His plan was to “bridge the gap” between resources he had become accustomed to during his time in special operations units and those that local and state departments needed, who often face similar issues.  Okay, he actually moved back with excitement to throw back a few drinks and enjoy the freedom of walking the streets of Savannah with a Solo cup in hand. (If you’ve been to Savannah, then you know what I mean.  If not, you need to experience it.)   But, THEN he got down to business and Saber Security Solutions  began offering mobile surveillance training courses to military and law enforcement professionals.  In talking with his clients, it only became more evident how frustrated these men and women had become in a post-9/11 America, where instead of more resources being provided to combat the increasing numbers of mass shootings, terrorism and extremist group violence, it seemed less was being done to find ways to fund those on America’s front lines, the front lines here on our own soil.  

As a soldier in the Special Operations and law enforcement community, he didn’t think it was fair to know that terrorists had higher end weapons than local police or to see organized crime rings with better access to intricate planning and technology.  Wanting to level the playing field naturally made him want to start passing out services or products for free, but that isn’t how to run a business.  The time came to expand his vision in order to help balance the playbooks for those in any part of the Emergency Management world.  He couldn’t offer something for nothing to those teams…. Or could he?  What if he opened his business to the civilian market and placed offensive power into civilian hands that would in turn, benefit and potentially save lives of emergency response teams?  This was a win-win game plan and he called it PROACTIVE BLUEPRINT.

What is PROACTIVE BLUEPRINT?  His all-too-verbal Development Coordinator knew we were marketing something unique and pretty awesome.  But, the “What is it?” question is the most challenging question to answer most days!  Verbally explaining (even for the Development Coordinator that could easily handle an 8 hour long filibuster on the Senate floor) PROACTIVE BLUEPRINT is tricky because what we quickly discovered was that it is a “must see to understand” product.    

Put simply, imagine your child’s school has experienced a mass shooting and hostages have been taken.  We all know this isn’t far fetched and we all hate to let our minds go there, but that’s the idea of PROACTIVE BLUEPRINT – offensive thinking.  Some cowardly excuse for a human has entered the building, shots have been fired and emergency teams arrive.  A Crisis Coordinator is put in charge of the operation that will plan and perform a high-risk entry.  That team sure as hell isn’t going to bust through the first door they see and start running, balls to the wall, like cartoon superheroes swinging in through windows to save the day.  Instead, that Crisis Coordinator and the entry team must gather information about which way doors open, which room the suspected shooter is currently barricaded in and how to get to that room with the least risk.  Another thought is, which areas of the school students may be hiding, and the details of the school Intruder Drill, as well as information related to where emergency vehicles can park, where MEDEVAC helicopters can land, and how to manage media and communications during what quickly becomes chaos.  Obtaining all of that information takes time.  

Now, imagine a real estate agent’s “virtual tour” on steroids.  This is PROACTIVE BLUEPRINT.  Using drone imagery, photography, videography, and close ups of all entrances/exits, interior doors,  hallways, closets and full 360-degree imagery of every room, the primary file is created.  Then we add building demographics such as peak business hours, typical number of people in the building, lists of personnel or contacts as directed by our clients, lists of evacuation locations and local trauma centers, and/or any special materials in the building that could make a breach more difficult such as bullet proof surfaces or complicated security systems. That information is then embedded into the PROACTIVE BLUEPRINT or compiled onto additional files, depending upon client needs.  Now, place this product into the hands of that Crisis Coordinator and the high-risk entry team and you’ve saved time and potentially lives.  You have taken the guesswork out of their job, you’ve virtually “breached and cleared” the building to some degree.  You have provided that perfect balance of offensive and defensive action.  

The “ah-ha” moment for PROACTIVE BLUEPRINT, when we at Saber Security Solutions marvel at how we were actually genius enough to piece this all together so simply and effectively, is the fact that this comes at no cost to Crisis Coordinator, SWAT, Law Enforcement or Military.  We found a way to level the playing field.  PROACTIVE BLUEPRINT is owned by the school, medical facility, homeowner, church, and beyond. The owner of the product controls how and when their PROACTIVE BLUEPRINT is shared.  So, in opening my business to the civilian market, I wanted to do so with freedom in mind.  PROACTIVE BLUEPRINT can be as interactive or as confidential as the owner chooses it to be.  THAT’s an American product I’m proud to put my name on.  

PROACTIVE BLUEPRINT brings peace of mind and power to its owner. An owner can be nearly anyone.  Saber Security Solutions shows up, gathers the information and imagery, compiles a product that the client pays for ONE time, with a monthly subscription fee for hosting.

My name is Steve Smerick, owner of Saber Security Solutions and I approve this message. 

Steve Smerick spent over 15 years in Army Special Operations and federal law enforcement.  He managed to escape that time of his life without a single Army Ranger tattoo and remains a purist who keeps his 201 file modestly locked in a cabinet rather than displayed upon the back window of his truck.